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Black Magic Consulting is not about sleight of hand. We’re a well-rounded collective of industry experts with tricks of the trade earned through more than 20 years of experience working with the most innovative Fortune 1000 companies.

Our primary focus is on Commerce with extensive expertise in Architecture, DevOps, and Re-platforming.  We can help evolve and futureproof your eCommerce solution.

We provide our clients with a curated collection of enterprise-grade solutions specifically built to enhance business and better serve their customers.

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Our team is the best of the best, with decades of hands on experience solving complex problems for the largest of companies.

Whether you need a little expert advice, or a complex solution designed, built, and managed, or anything in-between, Black Magic Consulting can help!

Individual Approach

Listening to our customers gives us the key to understanding our client’s pain points, needs, and future goals.  Our personalized attention allows us to provide the right services or solutions.  Every client is different, and every solution needs to be perfectly matched.

Classic & Modern Technologies

We have a strong history with the ATG Oracle Commerce platform, which has been the best enterprise eCommerce solution for 20 years.  Today our focus is on modernizing commerce for our clients.  Evolutionarily, such as moving Oracle Commerce onto AWS and setting up Auto-Scaling, and revolutionarily, such as migrating to a new platform or collection of microservices.

Enterprise Solutions

We understand the needs of large retailers:  Uptimes better than 99.9%, HA, DR, Geo-load-balanced Active-Active environments, PCI Level 1 compliance, DevOps solutions that work with large distributed teams and micro-services architectures, the best performance, monitoring, alerting, and so much more…

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In today’s world of Headless, Serverless, Auto-Scaling, Auto-Healing, and Cloud based architectures, efficient, flexible, and automated DevOps systems are more critical than ever!  DevOps is not just another name for system administration, it’s a thoughtful marriage of development needs, automation, infrastructure, and efficiency. ATG Oracle Commerce DevOps is our speciality.  Reap the rewards!

Platform Migrations

Whether you are outgrowing Magento or looking to bring your antiquated eCommerce solution into the modern era, we can help!  Let us help you find the right solution, plan and execute your migration.  Re-platforming brings strong business advantages, and doesn’t have to be as expensive and risky as you may believe.

ATG Oracle Commerce Architecture

There are few people with more expertise architecting complex Oracle Commerce systems than Devon Hillard.  With his over 22 years of experience working with ATG Oracle Commerce across dozens of the worlds largest eCommerce sites, Black Magic Consulting can bring peerless solutions to your problems.

Oracle Commerce Life Extension

Let us help you get the most out of your current eCommerce platform! Cloud, Auto-Scaling, Headless, and more can be achieved without moving off of Oracle Commerce.


Our team can build your application, whether it’s Oracle Commerce, Magento, iOS/Android applications, WordPress, PHP, Ruby, Spring, and more.

SEO & Marketing

Our team, tools, and partners can provide detailed SEO analysis and recommendations as well as implement full SEO optimization projects with guaranteed results.

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eCommerce Expert

A 25 year veteran of the enterprise commerce world, Devon Hillard has worked with many of the largest retailers in the world including AT&T, Burberry, Restoration Hardware, Canon, Michael Kors, and many more.

A natural technologist, Devon still actively develops extremely high performance web applications, and has specialized in eCommerce architecture for much of his career.  He co-founded Sparkred, the preeminent ATG Oracle Commerce hosting company, merging his technical and business skills to grow a profitable bootstrapped company to a successful exit in 2018.  In addition to Black Magic Consulting, he serves as mentor for three VC funded startups in Colorado.



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Get In Touch

Email us to setup a free consultation.  Bring us a problem or idea, and let us impress you!

Listen & Learn

A deep dive into your current state, strengths, pain points, and goals.  We listen, ask lots of questions, and review relevant documentation to get a comprehensive understanding of the project or opportunity.
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The Plan

Based on our comprehension of your wants and needs, we develop a detailed strategy.  We start with the problem or desired improvement, and how we intent to bridge the gap from a business goals standpoint.  Then the technical approach and solution.  And then our implementation plan.


We build it. Using the highest standards and best practices, our team develops the solution using the appropriate tools and technologies.  Working in close coordination with your business stakeholders and technical team, we ensure clear communication, timely delivery, and closely aligned values and goals.

Handoff or Support

Once the solution is complete, we execute a thorough and un-rushed launch and/or handoff.  Our team is available for short or long term support and management as discussed.



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