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Black Magic Consulting is not about sleight of hand. We’re a well-rounded collective of industry experts with tricks of the trade earned through more than 20 years of experieince working with the most innovative Fortune 1000 companies.


Our primary focus is on Commerce.  With expertise in Architecture, DevOps, and Re-platforming.  We can help evolve and futureproof your eCommerce solution.


We provide our clients with a curated collection of enterprise-grade solutions specifically built to enhance business and better serve their customers.


We deliver a variety of services depending on your specific needs. Design, photography, marketing, DevOps, eCommerce, fulfillment optimization, application development, mobile App development, financial modeling, and more. Nothing is out of bounds.


We tailor our solutions to your unique pain points. By taking a personal and careful approach to each case, we provide the answers you need without wasting time looking for problems you don’t have.

Let Black Magic Consulting spell
for you!
We endeavor to help businesses improve efficiency and maximize their assets through automation and technology.

Our Mission


eCommerce Architecture & Development

  • ATG Oracle Commerce
  • Elastic Path
  • CommerceTools
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart
  • Magento

Mobile and Web Development

  • iOS, Android Apps
  • Ruby, JAVA, and more. Full-Stack Development


  • Training
  • Managed Services

Design and Prototyping

  • Wireframing
  • UX and UI Design
  • Desktop and Mobile

Marketing and SEO

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Optimization
  • SMM Marketing and Management

What Else?

  • Custom Content
  • Product Photography
  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Optimization
  • Financial Modelling

How do we work?

While every project is different, they all start in the same place: We understand our client’s pain
points and goals. Whether you just want a quick mobile app build, or a thorough business overhaul,
success is only made possible by understanding the client, their business, their strengths,
weaknesses, and where they want to take their enterprise going forward!


    It’s all about engaging with the client, determining what areas we are going to look at, and doing a deep dive into the business. We look at technology, current state, desired future state, and finally, we brainstorm solutions together. The result of this stage is determining the Scope of the project.


    Here we are preparing a plan of action, starting out with task/focus prioritization, and addressing any schedule constraints or milestone targets. The result of this stage is detailed delivery plan with timelines and costs.


    Here we do the tactical work. This may be broken into many sub-phases based on either a multi-faceted effort or a simple agile iterative development process. The result of this stage is a finished project completed in accordance with specifications detailed in prior phases.


    Now we discuss with the client the finished project, and compare it with the plan to evaluate our level of tactical success. Then we examine the business metrics to determine the strategic impact of the project. The result of this stage is KPIs and metrics planned vs. achieved, and any further decisions based on this information.


    We love information, and in this business, knowledge really is power. Here we perform an analysis of the entire project, looking for ways to improve or tweak our processes, streamlining and focusing our procedures to get the results we need. We look at what worked, what could be improved, we see if anything was unexpected and make note of anything else we can learn from the project. The results of this stage are written documentation including runbooks and guides, as well as knowledge sharing and/or training sessions; a post-mortem of the project.