Black Magic Consulting uses exclusive expertise and tricks of the trade, gleaned through more than 20 years of working with some of the most innovative Fortune 1000 companies. We bring mature, enterprise-grade solutions to our clients, and closely collaborate with them to enhance their business and better serve their customers.  We deliver Design, Marketing, eCommerce, and Mobile App development to our clients, as well as managing product photography, inventory management, fulfillment optimization, financial modeling, and other select services.

We let you focus on what makes you great.  We leverage technology, automation, process development and outsourcing to advance your business, which frees you up to improve your offerings and advance your enterprise.  We will streamline your process, support your strengths and find complete solutions to all your complex situations.  Let Black Magic Consulting spell success for you!

Our Services and Process

While every engagement is different, they all start at the same place: Understand our client’s pain points and goals.  Whether you just want a mobile app built or if you want a full business overhaul, success is only possible by understanding the client, their business, their strengths, weaknesses, pains, and where they want to take their enterprise going forward!

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The skilled consultants at Black Magic are deeply knowledgeable regarding comprehensive project management, maximizing current and conceivable resources, inspiring innovation, and revolutionizing the core processes that make your company vital to your customers.   We help you bring your best to ecommerce.